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Welcome to my blog, I’m Julianna! 🙂 

I came up with the idea for Starting Somewhere in January 2022, which was about a year ago from now. I know, that is a long time ago to have just begun now. I started and stopped, started again, and stopped again. It was a never ending cycle of motivation and motivation loss. It was not until January of this year (2023) that I decided to get started for real. I have a passion for writing and want to share the things I love with likeminded people and those who want to grow. I will be sharing things about travel, reading (check out the book of the week ;), living a healthy lifestyle, college, and pretty much everything under the sun a 20 something year old would want to know. 

When thinking of doing something new it can be scary. Going to a new school, starting a business, initiating conversation with someone, or overcoming fear are all examples. For me it was starting a blog. I had no idea where to start or what I would write about. I continued to create false scenarios in my head and let my doubts get the best of me. I kept asking myself, “who would even want to read this?” and “are people going to judge me for what I write?” I have come to realize those things do not matter. No opinions matter but your own. You are your own worst critic, and people are too focused on themselves to be worried about what other people are doing. You may be uncomfortable starting something new, but that is because it is unfamiliar. The thing that matters is that you are Starting Somewhere. Every single action taken in life requires a start. It is okay if you do not know how to do something. How do you plan on learning if you do not start, and how will you plan on getting to the finish line if you do not start somewhere?

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